GREAT Question. Let me briefly explain:

I believe EVERY great business starts with a story, MacDonald’s, Apple, Tesla they all have a great story, so here’s the shortened version of ours… Let’s assume your goal in life was to have trekked to the North Pole! (I know, that’s rather ambitious, but hey, what’s life for if not to have ambitious goals).

We know you can’t simply fly out there for the weekend, you’re going to have to trek, and for that you’ll need a team, some training and equipment. You’ve got the team, done the training and bought the right equipment (including a good compass) and todays the day you wait for the needle to settle on the N, and then call out “Right team, follow me!” Follow the N from the UK and you’ll find yourself somewhere in Scandinavia! because your following MAGNETIC NORTH!

The same goes in business.

You’ve got a team, you’ve all been trained, and you’ve got all the right equipment. You’ve started out and religiously followed what you thought was the right path but been so busy ‘doing the doing’ working IN the business, you haven’t noticed you’ve deviated one degree off course.

That one degree is preventing you from ever achieving what you set out to achieve, and more than 95% of business owners NEVER achieve their initial goals!

My TrueNORTH are more like Sherpa’s than coaches!

We get to know you, and your business, what your goals and aspirations are, and help to ensure you have not deviated from the course, or how to quickly re-find the right course, so that you may continue in the knowledge your heading in the right direction to achieve everything you ever set out to achieve.

We provide the TRUENORTH compass, the map and the guide to help you TRULY achieve YOUR SUCCESS SUMMIT!

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