If this is your FIRST question, then you are probably not yet ready for coaching! You see, coaching isn’t a cost!… well, not if it’s done well. Good coaching is an investment, (and not in me, but in yourself) and possibly the most cost-effective way of growing both you and your business.

I recall, a long time ago now, when I first heard the expression

The most expensive advice you’ll ever take is that given for free!

I didn’t really understand it at first until I’d acted upon advice ‘given for free‘ only to realise how poor the quality of advice actually was and how costly it had proven to both me and my business! However, the same doesn’t always follow suit with how MUCH the advice costs.

I’ve been in conferences around the world where the speaker has charged $50,000, $100,000 and even more, for 1 day of their time! and I’ve always wondered WHAT value they can actually bring IN ONE DAY that is worth SUCH an investment?

Our services range in level of investment from less than £20 (For a signed copy of my award-winning book #ADDAZERO) to over £35,000per annum for 1:1 ScaleUp Mentoring. And a whole range of different offerings and levels of investment between the two.  The majority of our clients, rarely invest more than 10% of the amount by which they grow over the period of engagement. Therefore, a better question might be, what level of investment is required to enable me to achieve the results I am looking for? And the best way to answer that question is to book a call, so I can learn more about you, your business and your aspirations. As until I know those, I don’t have sufficient information to know if and which our services are of benefit to you.

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