I’m SO excited with what we have created within our ADDAZERO Business Challenge. It’s taken well over 3 years of research and development, trials and testing, measuring amending and recording the results prior to us testing it on ANY other business than our own.
Then when we beta tested it with 12 selected business owners, we knew it as going to be regarded as our best work to date. ADDAZERO is a proven 8 step process to ensure ANY business has the right foundations in place on which the owner can confidently and competently SCALE their business.
It’s the foundation’s framework for significant and sustainable growth and then broken down into bite-size chunks to enable ANY business owner to work through the challenge implementing little and often to see the Significant and Sustainable SCALE of both them and their business.
It doesn’t matter whether your yet to set up in business, at the beginning of your business growth journey or already well into that journey but still seeking that special ingredient to help transform it into a super successful legacy. The #ADDAZERO Business Challenge is about ensuring you have everything in place at the right time and quantity to make MAGIC happen!

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