I’m fortunate enough to have attended one or two A.C.E. meetings and have friends and colleagues who have bought into this international franchise of mastermind groups. They tend to be for larger businesses than we work with (Typically £3M+) and run their groups at a larger size to ours (12-18 people) The emphasis of these is often about the Business LEader and THEIR development both personal and professional, in the knowledge that shaping better leaders, subsequently shapes better business. Their format is more akin to our Pathfinder group in that they meet for one day (rarely do they stay over) and that the morning is taken up by a speaker masterclass rather than a full day locked in peer-to-peer support. As there are more people per group and less time spent together, everyone tends to get asked WHO has a problem they’d like to discuss, and then time is allocated to those who volunteer something, as opposed to Explorer Mastermind where EVERY member gets an equal amount of time working on THEIR business. Both groups offer 1:1 coaching aside of the time in Mastermind although within A.C.E. I understand there are additional charges for this. UNLIKE A.C.E., My TrueNORTH is a privately owned Limited Company and does not Franchise out their Mastermind model. The level of investment required to join the Academy of Chief Executives is approx 30% more than that of Explorer.

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