Currently, Explorer Mastermind is our highest level of Group Coaching/Mentorship. (Although there are plans afoot to launch Summit Seeker in 2020!). However, whilst we know we provide an exceptional level of value both in terms of coaching/mentorship, accountability, support (not only to business owner, but also key members of their team) this is NOT for everyone!

It could well be, that you’re not keen on a shared learning environment, or that you do not fully acknowledge the concept ‘giver’s gain’ in that to get more out, you have to first put more in.  It might be that you are so determined and concentrated in your own business growth, that any thought or notion of helping others to achieve, is simply a distraction to your own mission!  If this sounds like a fair appraisal of where you are right now, then a shared Mastermind environment most probably is NOT the right place for you right now, and it might be that you’d prefer a 1:1 coaching/mentorship instead?

However, for those that do understand and acknowledge that Together Everyone Achieves More.  The extreme power of a Mastermind and the impact it can have both on you and your business in terms of both speed and distance travelled, then submitting an application to join one of our Explorer Mastermind groups might well be the very best decision you make this year!

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