From time to time we do have prospects ask this question, and I usually reply by asking “Compared to what?…”
You see, as you’ll see from my first answer in this section “How much does coaching cost?” If people have a concern regarding the level of investment we request from clients for working with them, they may not yet be ready for all the value, help, support and accountability that comes with all of our coachings.
However, IF people need to understand our payment structure in more detail, I’ll share this with them:
1. You are not simply paying for the time I spend with you, but contributing to all the time it has taken to accumulate the level, depth, and breadth of knowledge I have in being able to offer the guidance and advice that I do. (and 2 Global ‘Big Impact to Business’ Awards suggests this may well be advice worth listening to)
2. The investment you make in coaching through My TrueNORTH is most likely (if you implement your new found learning) to be transformational for you and your business. I’ve got reams and reams of examples where 1 coaching session has either generated or saved tens of thousands of pounds not just once, but continually. I certainly know with some certainty that if I charged based on results rather than time, I’d have FAR more in the bank that we do at present!
3. And this is most important: Our rates are ALL INCLUSIVE. Unlike many other businesses, that advertise one price, but then add a gzillion other things on top (Just think of your last flight: The seat cost £2.99 but choosing the seat, taking luggage, ordering food, paying taxes were all added afterwards resulting in your £147.98 total cost) our pricing is transparent and covers the entire investment (as a B2B seller, we HAVE to show +VAT rather than build that in also, so you know which element is TAX) but includes all coaching, and where applicable all training booklets and materials, room hire, overnight accommodation, refreshments EVERYTHING. Just one investment and everything else is included.

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